Imagine Enterprises believes all people should be respected and valued for their unique strengths and abilities. We are a Texas-based nonprofit  devoted to helping people with disabilities find their own  particular place in their community so they can live, work and enjoy life – just like everybody else.

Imagine’s small staff has a big range of expertise and experience with the agencies, programs, and systems that people with disabilities and their families rely on for crucial services and supports. The principles of self-determination and self-advocacy are our core values. We do our best to make them real and meaningful in the lives of the people we serve—not just empty concepts.

Through several programs, funded by a variety of grants and contracts, Imagine Enterprises provides direct support, personalized planning, information about resources and training on a variety of topics of value to people with disabilities, family members, service providers and others. Most of our work falls in one of these areas:

  • Consumer Directed Services
  • Social Security Benefits Counseling
  • Youth Leadership
  • Project SPEAK

For general information about Imagine Enterprises, call 1-281-770-4599 or 1-800-572-7159 (toll-free).