Benefits Offset National Demonstration (BOND) Summary

Through a grant with Social Security and the Abt Associates, the Benefit Offset National Demonstration (BOND) is a 7-year demonstration program created to help Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) beneficiaries return to work. This demonstration ends September 30, 2017.

The demonstration is currently being conducted in the Gulf Coast area.

Through the use of a benefit offset, Social Security is testing a different way to treat SSDI beneficiaries' work and earnings. This offset could help beneficiaries earn more and keep more of their benefits than currently possible. BOND will gradually reduce a participant's Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits—$1 for each additional $2 earned above a specific dollar amount. This reduction will replace what some refer to as the “cash cliff” or the total loss of benefits if earnings exceed the specified amount.

If Congress determines that the BOND findings are successful, they could change the current law to follow this $1 for each additional $2 earned process.