CDS Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Training

Federally mandated for all Medicaid waivers, anyone who provides PAS/HAB and Respite services is now required to use an electronic visit verification system for tracking time.

Contracting through the Texas Health and Human Services agency, “First Data” is the EVV Vendor Imagine Enterprises selected to coordinate time keeping services. The name of the software is “AuthentiCARE” which can be accessed through a mobile device or two other methods.

The Texas Health and Human Service agency requires Imagine Enterprises to provide training and support to all CDS employers, designated representatives and employees that we serve, and obtain verification of their participation. Failure to do so will may result in financial hardships for the people we serve and their employees.

To prepare you for electronic timekeeping and to assist Imagine Enterprises staff to keep up with the mandates, Imagine will provide individual training and support as needed so that you may continue to benefit from the CDS option.


EMPLOYEE Training Materials

EMPLOYER Training Materials

EVV Technical Assistance

Please see the contact information below for the staff that can best help with your questions.

EMPLOYER: Access credentials to the AuthentiCARE website Sherry Newlin 713-253-9792
EMPLOYEE: Smart phone app credentials and to place an order for the alternative device Darcy Friar 831-207-8799
EMPLOYEE: Technical assistance for smart phone app, alternative device or land line Janice Norwood 325-518-1950

In order to continue to provide additional support to Texas program providers, FMSAs and their staff, AuthentiCare would like to announce that they will be extending their Texas Telephone Support Helpdesk coverage over the following dates:

Saturday, January 23, 20219am-1pm CST
Sunday, January 24, 20219am-1pm CST

Please contact AuthentiCare Texas Support at 877-829-2002 or by email if you cannot reach an Imagine Enterprises CDS staff member.